Cocoa Cake

Purchasing Cocoa Cake

Our raw material is Cocoa Cake, directly sourced from a variety of the main Cocoa producing countries like Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ecuador and others.

Indcresa is the world’s largest buyer of Cocoa Cake.

We have our own international network of experienced partners at the origin countries to select the best Cocoa producers and to secure the required quality of cake we need to meet our internal standards.

When the selected Cocoa Cake arrives at our production facilities, just outside Barcelona, our fully computerized manufacturing process will start.


1) COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN: Cocoa Beans are being collected and cleaned and subsequently processed, to produce Cocoa Liquor, Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Cake.

2) SPAIN: Indcresa produces the Cocoa Powder from the carefully selected Cocoa Cakes, thereby meeting the highest standards of quality in the Industry.

Cocoa Producing Countries



Production Facilities and Logistics

Currently our production capacity exceeds 60.000 Tons per year.

Our office buildings and production facilities exceed 10.000 sqm. Thanks to the most advanced technology and implementation of the most modern and fully automated HACCP procedures, we can guarantee the consistency of a homogenous product.

Adjacent to our buildings we have over 6.000 sqm of air-conditioned and humidity controlled warehouse space for our raw material as well as finished product.

We have developed external partnerships with international transport companies to provide first class service to our customers.