The story behind Indcresa is one of a family of entrepreneurs committed in body and soul, generation after generation, to growing and developing the cocoa industry with extremely high quality standards and constant evolution.

More than one hundred years have passed since its founder Enrique Crehuet Roig purchased land in an industrial part of Barcelona, on Cortes Street, and built his first factory, which was called the “Fábrica de Margarinas E. Crehuet” (the E. Crehuet Margarine Factory), and whose stated mission was the “Select production of fresh, salted margarines for the table, pastry and biscuit factories”. From there the factory broke into the exciting world of cocoa, producing cocoa paste, cocoa butter and cocoa powder, becoming one of the most advanced industries in the world, specialising in the manufacturing of cocoa powder with state-of-the-art facilities and a productive capacity of more than 60,000 tonnes yearly.


Cocoa powder since 1915

INDCRESA is a family-owned company, manufacturing Cocoa products since 1915.

1915: Mr. Enrique Crehuet Roig founded the Industrias Crehuet Company. Despite low consumption levels of Cocoa products at that time, he decided to install Cocoa processing equipment.

1950: His visionary approach started to pay off when consumption increased dramatically during the 1950’s. During that time we were producing Cocoa Liquor, Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Powder, thereby meeting the increasing quality requirements of our customers consistently.

1970: The continuing increase of the Cocoa Powder demand justified our first major expansion of our Cocoa Powder capacity. Especially a very successful soluble Cocoa product triggered the Cocoa Powder consumption in Spain.

1988: Since Cocoa Powder consumption continued to grow steadily and our sales showed a similar pattern, our Company was ready for the first innovative step: the world’s first Cocoa manufacturing facility, producing Cocoa Powder only, with an annual capacity of over 15.000 Tons.

1999: Following our continued growth and international expansion, a second innovative step became necessary: the construction of an ultra modern production facility for Cocoa Powder, with an installed capacity of more than 50.000 Tons per year.

2000: The construction of a Pilot Plant, being an exact copy of our main production facility, enables us to do all the necessary trial runs during the approval process with our customers.

2002: Indcresa received the ISO-9001:2000 certificate.

2005: We expanded our product range by introducing two new types, namely a red Cocoa Powder and a black Cocoa Powder.

2006: Installation of an ultra modern reactor for the Alkalizing Line. In this year we also received the BRC certificate.

2011: Installation of a new alkalinization line process to optimize the process, increase capacity and enable the development of new types.

2012: New bagging lines to optimize the process and increase production capacity and flexibility.

2013: New automated warehouse adjoining the factory, increasing storage capacity.

2015: Indcresa celebrates the centenary of the company.